Safety Operating procedures for bearing heaters

2018-11-05 17:10:57

First, the working principle

1, short-circuit heating. The mainframe is a special structure of the transformer, removable yoke iron used to directly penetrate the sleeve bearing or other heated workpiece. When working, connect the mainframe power supply, the workpiece (equivalent to the secondary edge winding) in the induction production

Raw short-circuit current and is heated.

2, Eddy current heating. The heated workpiece and the main iron core of the host form a closed magnetic circuit, when working, the workpiece through the main line of the host to produce Eddy current and is quickly heated.

Ii. Installation and Commissioning

1. Place the yoke iron on the end of the main iron core.

2, check whether the plug and socket wiring is consistent, the grounding should be good, and then insert the plug into the control switch on the power outlet.

3, the function selection switch dial to the control position, close the power supply, when the red indicator light.

4, press the Start button, the host power, then the green indicator light red light out; Press the stop button, the red light lights out. At this point, debugging is complete and ready for use.

Third, the operating procedures

1, according to the inner diameter of the bearing, choose with the bearing inner hole corresponding to the yoke iron, the string sleeve on the bearing of the yoke iron placed on the host core end surface, should be consistent with the Pingzheng.

2, in the heating process, the use of a point thermometer to measure the bearing inner ring end of the temperature rise. When the temperature rise meets the requirements, see the correct time count, stop heating, remove the yoke iron, remove the bearing can be assembled.

3, continuous heating of the same specifications of bearings, the function selection switch dial to the time control position, set the heating time, when the bearing is heated to the set time is automatically shut down the power source.

4, after the completion of the work, the function selection switch to the stop position, cut off the position.

Safety Operating procedures for bearing heaters