How to install Cross roller bearings

2018-08-31 16:38:39

1, the inspection before component mounting: main shaft, the bearing housing or other mounting components thoroughly cleaned to remove oil or impurities, and confirm whether there is a burr or burrs.

2, the cross roller bearing into the shaft or housing in: Because it is thin-walled bearings, load prone to tilt. To prevent this behavior, while maintaining the level of the side with a plastic hammer beating uniformly, little by little, the cross roller bearing or bearing housing carefully loaded into the shaft, until it is confirmed by a sound when the reference surface is completely up against .

3, the mounting flange is fixed:

(1) the fastening flange disposed on the cross roller bearing. Fastening flange shaken several times so that the position of the bolt holes coincide.

(2) fixing bolt penetration hole. When the bolt is rotated by hand, because there is no confirmation departing from the bolt holes is difficult to cause the bolt screwed.

(3) fixing the locking bolt is not completely locked to the full-latch 3-4 can be divided into stages, sequentially repeatedly tightened on the diagonal. When tightening the inner or outer ring division bodies, the overall number of outer or inner ring is slightly rotated, the correction can be offset from the inner and outer rings of the body.

Cross roller bearing assembly Note:

1, cross roller bearing inner or outer ring is divided into two parts, using special rivets, bolts or nuts on delivery. When the cross-roller bearings installed in the system, not dismantle it. Also, to remind you install the cross roller bearing isolation block error, it will seriously affect the rotation system performance. Do not remove the bearings.

2, cross roller bearings split concentricity of inner or outer ring may be slightly bias. Therefore, before loading the bearing seat can be used to loosen the fixing bolts of the inner or outer ring, and a plastic hammer after correcting the deviation assembly.

3, when installing or removing the cross roller bearing, do not apply force to the connecting rivets, bolts and the rollers.

4, when the mounting flange is fixed, dimensional tolerances to consider the mounting member, such that the pressing flange from the inner and outer sides. But also can not cause too much compression deformation bearings, bearing rotation flexibility, impact and life. In order to increase the actual cross roller bearing mounted with accuracy, it is necessary not to use measurement methods and tools bearing deformation, the size of the mating surfaces of the inner bore and outer bearing actual precision measurement, and may be related to the inner diameter of outer all diameter measurements to be measured, and make a comprehensive analysis of the measured data, this is according to the size of the bearing installation position of precision worthy of the shaft and housing bore. , The measurement should be performed when bearing the same temperature conditions as the actual measurement with the corresponding dimensions of the shaft and housing bore and geometry. To ensure high practical effect with the shaft and the bearing surface of the mating housing bore, the roughness should be as small as possible. Bearing life is closely related to the manufacture, assembly, use, must control every aspect in order to make cross roller bearings operate better, more smoothly, thus prolonging the life.